Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Albuquerque museum, art exhibition Oct 23 to Dec 4


Now in its 21st year, Miniatures & More is an exhibition fundraiser that provides valuable funding to The Museum while benefitting the artists whose work it features. The only selling exhibition at The Albuquerque Museum, 
Miniatures was created by – and is a program of – the Albuquerque Museum Foundation.

A range of artists producing traditional and contemporary 
paintings, photographs and sculptures are selected each year
 through a juried process in order to provide an exceptional collection for consideration. The “& More” was added to the 2007 Miniatures exhibition. Miniatures & More also features a few 
selected large-scale works.


Alberto Toscano
Shawn Turung
Noi Volkov
Chuck Volz
George Walbye
Krysteen Waszak
Susan Weeks
Margi Weir
Steve Worthington
Marilyn Yates
Xiaogang Zhu
Susan J. Zimmerman
and more..

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